Australia – the Land Down Under, the Great Southern Land. This magnificent continent evolved in isolation to create one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, with flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth. Beaches, rainforests, gorges, reefs, mountains and deserts provide travellers with unforgettable experiences in nature. Australia’s modern, multicultural cities provide urban experiences that sharply contrast against life in the rugged outback. And while there are many different aspects to life Down Under, one consistency across this great nation are the friendly, welcoming people who call Australia home.

Over the last 10 years, Inbound has developed an extensive portfolio of travel programs that educate and inspire students. Community service is at the heart of our operations and our students support wildlife rehabilitation, charities, marginalised groups, Indigenous Australians, primary schools, aged care facilities and environmental conservation projects. Programs range in length from 7-28 days and typically combine service-learning with adventure activities such as surfing the Sunshine Coast, diving the Great Barrier Reef, camping in the Outback, swimming under waterfalls and hiking mountains.

Our local team have decades of experience managing student travel programs across Australia, achieving consistently high net promoter scores for our clients. Please contact us at to discuss partnership opportunities in Australia.