Laos is arguably the spectacular country in Southeast Asia. With nearly three-quarters of the country covered in mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls, this landlocked country greatly rewards those who venture off the trodden path. The cultural diversity in Laos is fascinating, with over 200 ethnic groups constituting the country’s population of six million. Most Lao people live in rural areas, working in agriculture such as growing rice and other crops to export. The government anticipates that by 2025 hydropower will become the country’s largest source of revenue.

Our team has more than twelve years experience working with international high school students visiting Laos. Students get an authentic experience learning about culture, nature and helping to develop communities. We bring students to work with local people in villages and homestays to support projects such as refurbishing schools, installing water sources, building community halls, contracting bathrooms and other community-driven projects. Outside of service, our programming takes students on touring and adventures all over Laos.

Our local team has a wealth of experience managing student travel programs across Laos, achieving consistently high client satisfaction. Please contact us at to discuss partnership opportunities in Laos.